Beverage Equipment Manufacturer


Beverage equipment is everywhere from gas stations, convenience stores, big-box retailers and restaurants of every kind. Most of this equipment is operated by the customer, so it has to be simple to operate with no training required. Duty cycle on the equipment can vary from very low to almost continuous, so design life is generally millions of cycles.

A manufacturer of this type of equipment was faced with the compound problem of low reliability on a newly released product and the loss of engineering leadership. The just-released equipment was experiencing nearly 100 percent failure rate in the field testing and customer satisfaction was low. Other equipment from the same manufacturer was also experiencing sporadic failures in the key functions of the equipment, also leading to customer satisfaction.

Stepping in as Engineering Director, the initial activities were focused on strengthening the engineering department and initiating a more rigorous approach to problem solving using Six Sigma principles. Over the course of the assignment, the department effectively solved the problems with the new product and re-released it with no field failures. Other issues with major equipment lines were resolved and released successfully to the field. The assignment completed with the hiring of new engineering leadership and project engineering talent in key slots.