My associates are skilled in the following key areas:

Appliance Design and Manufacturing

Accomplished engineering leader with a strong background in appliance design and manufacturing.  Holds a black belt in Lean and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS).  Extensive background in creative problems solving, design for reliability, strategic product planning, design and manufacturing engineering, innovative patented products, engineering management, cost reduction, mentoring junior staff and manufacturing business systems.

Industrial Design and Innovation

Seasoned industrial designer with a mechanical engineering background.  Wide range of experience including technology and product development, foodservice operational efficiencies, and technology consulting. Technologies include medical devices and surgical equipment, militare hardware and survival systems, packaging, consumer goods and appliances and commercial foodservice equipment and dispensers.

Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics is an analytical approach to fluid modeling where fluid flow, pressure fields, temperature variation and chemical reaction (such as combustion) is modeled. Two PhD level engineers are available in this area and both use the Fluent code for modeling.

Projects that we have done together include:

  • Modeling a humidified air curtain for food holding
  • Fluid, thermal and kinetic modeling of a burner and heat exchanger for a residential furnace design
  • Analysis of the flow and pressure patterns in a convection oven
  • Analysis of flow and heat transfer in an aluminum heat exchanger fired with JP8 fuel

Finite Element Analysis - FEA

Finite Element Analysis is used to study the stress and strain in mechanical elements and systems. The service provider holds a PhD and uses Abacus to conduct the modeling. Abacus can also be used for 3D heat transfer studies.

Projects we have done together include:

  • Structural analysis of thin-gage sheet metal structures
  • Thermal analysis of a fast food grill surface including heat transfer into the food

Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics

Heat transfer and thermal/thermodynamic analysis is used in all energy systems such as combustion, HVAC, refrigeration, solar, appliances and the like. This work is done internally by me, but when more assistance is needed, there are two PhD level mechanical engineers that are experienced in thermal modeling of all types.

Projects that we have done together include:

  • Building Combined Heat and Power thermal analysis
  • Residential Combined Heat and Power system analysis
  • Design of a compact chiller for laser skin therapy
  • Burner applications for a wide range of appliances and HVAC equipment

Electronic Board Design and Software Development

My electronics associate is an electronics engineering consulting firm with expertise in varied industries such as food service, medical research, consumer goods, and automation. Their core competencies include:

Software Technologies
* Windows, Linux, uC/OS and other operating systems
* Desktop, handheld, and embedded programming (C, C++, C#, Python, and others)
* GUI Design, full-motion video, computer-vision

Hardware Technologies
* FPGA (Verilog & VHDL)
* PSoC (mixed-signal)
* Off-line universal power supplies
* Ultra low-power portable systems
* High-speed digital circuit design

Communication systems
* USB into consumer and industrial systems which often is a desired feature, simplifies installation and reduces total system cost.
* ANT, an ultra low-power wireless communication system.
* Lonworks, a QoS reliable communication protocol, capable of low bit-rate power-line communication, medium speed building-automation, or an in-system high-speed backbone.

Specialties include board-level design & testing, USB, ANT, LonWorks, Modbus, Wireless, Windows, Linux, and embedded Software, Drivers, and Firmware, Low-power, medium-power, & Off-line universal power supplies


Materials selection and behavior in a design or system are critical to performance and reliability. When this topic becomes significant, there is a masters-level engineer available to assist. The Boston area has several specialized laboratories available to me for X-ray, mass spectrometry, scanning microscopy and other services.

Projects that we have worked on together include:

  • Wear in appliance parts
  • Surface treatments to enhance non-stick characteristics of cooking equipment
  • Heat pipe corrosion in electronics cooling
  • High-temperature allow selection for oxidizing environments

Prototype Fabrication

Prototyping is important in all product development activities. There are several model shops available to me that have different qualifications and skills. These are used as needed by the specific projects depending on machining, welding, fabrication and molding requirements. Specific equipment available at the most frequently used model shops is detailed elsewhere.

Laboratory Support

There are a variety of laboratories in the Boston area and beyond that are available to support projects through chemical analysis, food science, combustion testing, stress testing and materials assessments.


When it becomes necessary to include motion control, automation, sensing and other prime mover control, there are two automation engineers available to provide design, prototyping and analysis.