JM Corliss & Associates, LLC


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JM Corliss & Associates, LLC is an engineering services firm specializing in mechanical and thermal engineering. The firm consists of myself and a group of associates and colleagues that are called upon from time to time to provide specialized services and expertise when necessary.  I provide services to a variety of clients in diverse industries such as food service, HVAC, light manufacturing industries, law firms and Government agencies.  

I offer a broad range of services to my clients including:

  • Analytical studies in heat transfer, thermodynamics, structural analysis and fluid mechanics
  • Prototype design, production and testing
  • Manufacturing assistance, lean practices, Kaizen event coordination
  • Six Sigma reliability enhancement and product development guidance
  • Expert witness services in product liability, personal injury and patent infringement cases
  • Acting VP of Engineering for your company while you search for a full-time candidate

My associates and I are well qualified:

  • Six Sigma black belt
  • Registered Professional Engineers in Massachusetts and other states
  • PhD and Master level degrees in engineering
  • Many of us have over 25 years of experience in our fields